At Maple Haven, we believe in purposeful breeding, striving to create healthy, happy, and well-rounded puppies that will bring joy to your life. Responsible breeding is at the core of our values, and we go above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of our program reflects this commitment.


Fill out Application

Please fill out a puppy application to be considered for a puppy.

Phone Interview

Once your application has been received we will reach out for a phone interview

Pay Deposit

After you are approved we will require a non refundable deposit to hold your spot for a puppy.

Get Matched

When puppies are ready, we will get you matched with your puppy!

Health Tested Parents

Health testing is a vital component of our breeding process. We utilize the latest methods and techniques to ensure that our parent dogs are in optimal health, free from hereditary conditions that could affect their offspring. By conducting thorough health screenings, we are able to give you peace of mind, knowing that you are welcoming a healthy companion into your home.

How puppies are raised

We embrace the Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and Early Scent Introduction (ESI) methods, which are scientifically proven to enhance the neurological development and socialization of our puppies. This early exposure helps them build confidence, lower fear levels, and adapt to new experiences with ease.

To further nurture the growth of our puppies, we’ve incorporated a daily advanced curriculum developed by Jeannette Forrey. This specialized program focuses on their cognitive development, ensuring they receive the mental stimulation they need to thrive. Through this curriculum, our puppies become well-rounded individuals, ready to embark on a life filled with adventures alongside their new families.

We are expecting puppies in July!

Ginger & Tucker’s Litter


Sire & Dam: Tucker & Ginger

Adult Weights: 15-25 lbs.

Birth Date: 07/04/2023

Shedding: Minimal to Non shedding

Pictures are in birth order from left to right in the basket.
Liberty, Betsy, Sam, Yankee, and Martha



Gender: Female


Price: $2500



Gender: Male

Color: Red

Price: $2500



Gender: Male

Color: Red

Price: $2500



Gender: Female


Price: $2500



Gender: Female


Price: $2500

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